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Mindful Teen Workshop

I am excited to be able to use the strategies in school and at home (i.e. when/if I am arguing with my mother or a friend".

Zoe, teenager


"I liked doing yoga and meditation and learning techniques for dealing with stress. It can help me next time I am stressed".  

Molly, teenager


"I liked learning about how my body works and how to be more in touch with my body"

Sade, teenager 


"What I liked the best was the body scan. Afterward I felt awesome! I feel like the skills I learned today in this workshop are very easy to use on my own."

Julia, teenager


"Astrid is a total inspiration to me in every way. She has been aiding in my personal healing journey like no other. She has changed my life and the way I look at things completely. She is a truly inspirational person....her energy is grounded, compassionate and full of goodness. In fact, she is so subtle that at first you wonder if her therapeutic support is actually working and then all of a sudden it's like WHAM!!!! I get it! Total lightbulb moments happening everyday for me. Amazing! 

Carly Werle, artist, Toronto

Yoga for First Responders

"At the end of a class, I feel very calm, relaxed and present. I believe I take that with me into the rest of my day. I have a clear mind and an emotional sense of lightness and am aware of this throughout the day of the class. I believe that my flexibility and core strength will improve".

Craig Dawson, fire fighter, Toronto

"In the beginning it was hard, now I enjoy every class. My husband and I have benefited from each class because we are calmer now and it’s helped our marriage. We have learned how to breathe again."

D. Ebron, Veteran's wife

Mindfulness for Educators

"As a participant in the workshop, I got a lot both personally and professionally. As a teacher, I feel that I do my best work when I am cared for. This workshop reminded me of the importance of self-care and of slowing down to fully experience all aspects of life. Bringing this sense of calm and self-awareness into the classroom enabled me to connect more fully with my students and to appreciate who they are as individuals.


The workshop itself was wonderful. Astrid provided a safe and warm environment where the entire staff felt comfortable to open up and truly experience what was being offered. Realizing that all participants came to the event with different expectations, Astrid gently guided us through the process and honored everyone’s experience. I highly recommend Astrid Kunzendorf".

Sherry VanDerKooi, Principal,  

Traume-sensitiv Yoga

"Jeg havde aldrig prøvet yoga før end med dig her på Hanne Mariehjemmet. Og jeg må sige, at jege r blevet fuldstændig bidt af det. Det er stensikkert, at når jge kommer hjem, skal jeg starte på yoga. Det at gå til det giver mig en masse; ro i sindet, balance, smidighed og fred".

Dorthe, kvinde fra misbrugs- og prostitutionsmiljoet.

Mindfulness Meditation

"Already after the first session with Astrid, I experienced a peacefulness that I have never felt before. After the second session I felt really creative and was able to take that feeling into my work as a photographer. 

I have chosen to continue with the sessions with Astrid because I want to learn how to use mindfulness meditation in my own life – every day – at home and in my work as a photographer, where I need to be both creative, focused and service-minded. Furthermore mindfulness meditation gives me a feeling of well-being, which is worth its weight in gold to me. 

Charlotte Bodekjær, Photographer

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